Friday, November 11, 2005

Fragments amoureux - just a New York conversation

"- Oh, wait, wait, do you have a cigarette?
- Well, it depends. Are you an ex-smoker?
- Yeah, actually.
- Well, then sorry, nope, impossible.
- Oh come one, I started again a week ago.
- How awful for you. You must be desperate. You should quit right this minute again.
- Ok, I lied. I never quit smoking.
- Ok, you can have one. I quit so many times before."

"- Weren't you going that way?
- Actually, I'm going home, and my home is this way.
- Ok, that's not very logical. But hell, what happened to you? You seem in a bizarre mood.
- Well, mmm, it's just that, like, mmm.
- Come one, you can tell me. I am a total stranger, and we have one cigarette to share. Two minutes in eternity. A piece of cake. With a cherry on top."

"- Ok, you see, there's this guy that keeps asking me out, and like he wont understand i just wanna remain friends.
- What's this thing with girls? You girls always wanna be friends with boys who are in love with you! This is so weak!
- But it's just that men are driven by their penis! Girls are driven by emotions!
- Men are driven by emotions as well, emotions of the penis, that's right!"

"- Teach me a beautiful word in French.
- My favourite one is 'coquetterie'.
- Cock-ott-rrrue.
- Wow, your accent is so perfectly cute.
- Ok, what does it mean?
- What I just said?
- No... cock-ott-ruuue...
- Do you want a litteral meaning or a definition by Milan Kundera?
- Who's Milan Kundera?
- Ok, forget it. It means a non-guaranteed promise of love-making. It's majorly a woman's activity.
- Oh, I love it.
- I know."

"- Oh, I went to Paris once.
- Really?
- Yeah, I was in an awesome club, like it was a restaurant and you'd go in the basement, and everyone was fucking downstairs, it was so hot. Oh, what's the name of the place, damn...
- Chandelles?
- Yeah, that's it, tchandills! I love that place.
- Me too. It's like the Eiffel Tower, I've never seen it from close, but I know it's good."

"- I'm so bored with boys who always try to please the girl. I like boys who fuck.
- Are you saying you like to get fucked or you like to fuck with someone?
- I just want the guy to take me you know.
- ok...
- And see this is the annoying thing about French boys, they always wanna please the women.
- How many French boys have you fucked?
- One.
- How many American boys fucked you?
- Two.
- How many boys have you actually had in your bed?
- Three.
- Ok, now that makes sense."

"- Yeah, I have a blog.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah and actually right now I'm really pissed off, coz like this girl pretending to be a guy is posting on it and is having fun not saying who she is. And if the she is actually a he, i'm pretty sure he's gay. And the he is not gay, I don't fucking understand why he always writes ' i'd like to walk in your shoes' and...
- Ok, my friends are waiting for me.
- I understand, but I had to say that to someone, it was just too much for me, you know.
- ok, bye.
- (sigh) Could I have another Red Stripe please?"

"- Dude, what happened to your country?
- I left it."