Thursday, October 13, 2005

What if

What if hell existed ? then you would dream of being more confortable, and especially happier. You'd like to get everything that could bring you closer to heaven. You'dlike a cell phone to complain about your situation to a friend, you'd take drugs to forget why you're here, you would like to pass the time playing games or watchin' videos. You'd ask for Hell's director to know why you're here : "hey it's scandalous, i'm working more than 35 hours a day...". But nothing would change.

What if paradise existed ? everything abundant, everything gorgeous, everything white, everything would be what you want, what you wish. Nothing to reach, nothing to dream. You'd already be at the top. And nothing would change. You'd forever be the same.

What if you were alive ?

Hope. Don't be satisfied, except that you're on earth. Hope is the only thing you have here, and nowhere else.

jeanmaxime (ask zulma)