Friday, April 22, 2005

Yet another crap opinion

My "prose" is spontaneous. I love the power of the instinct. Man has this personal problem of always wanting to control hisself. Maybe due to the original Adam and Eve bullshit. Man doesn't seem to want to afford to be a sort of animal. I like to be one sometimes. So I write fast and furiously what resides in my blood and tears. And I write my name. In the sand, until it disappears completely. Too much?

I do not know whose "side" you are on. I just know that this is a family problem and that if you feel part of the family, you should understand me, and also the opinions of the people I am slightly disappointed of. I am just sad. Because I love them probably. But maybe this is all a sort of crap that has been bursting into my head in the last months.

I see things happening. And I try to stay on Earth. Wait to be dead to be "the resurrection".

If we are not sincere right now, in our youngster years, if we are not wanting to create History with our own will, if we are not helping each other deeply instead of relying on the dangerous power of images, what is left to us?

Hypocrisy. Or alcohol.